First, We Listen

The first thing H4 Agency does is listen. We listen to you, we listen to other experts in marketing, we listen to your customer base and we listen to the world. If we don’t hear what you are saying, we can’t do our job. Listening to you is the number one service H4 Agency provides.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an amateur”

Additional Services

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies for Business Development:

Creating a marketing plan that is specific to your business model and goals is key to your marketing success. After our initial consultation meeting, H4 Agency will create a marketing timeline for the next 12 months that includes the proper steps to reach your goals. Suggesting different advertising mediums, creative and launch dates for each step are included in the strategy plan. Think of this as your blueprint for the next 12 months of marketing.

branding & logo

Branding and Logo Design:

Your logo is the foundation and first step in your marketing. It tells customers your story through design. This single piece of artwork goes on everything related to your business and must be a professional and creative representation of your business. H4 Agency’s graphics team is full of award winning designers to bring your vision to life. H4 Agency and the graphic designer will talk with you about your ideas or concepts and bring those to life through modern and unique design.

Sales Promotions

Development of Sales Promotions:

Sales promotions can be instrumental to certain types of businesses. Inventing, creating and implementing a full blown sales promotion takes time and creativity. H4 Agency has a network of promotional outlets via media, sports teams, and other businesses that would make for great, cross promotional partners.


On-line, SEO, Social Media buying and planning:

The digital world is a beautiful tool for advertising. With people of all ages spending 5+ hours a day with their devices, digital has become extremely important in reaching your target demographic. There are hundreds of digital programs, softwares, vendors and SEO companies. H4 Agency will explain how SEO, ad words, digital retargeting and social media works and can fit into your marketing mix. Plus, H4 Agency is consistently staying in front of the
trends and learning about the stream of new products that will benefit our clients. Implementation and constant monitoring of a digital buy are key to it’s success. H4 Agency will monitor the qualitative data, produced by a digital campaign, weekly and provide monthly wrap up reports of click thru rates while tracking conversions and impressions served. H4 Agency always  recommends you post your own social media. You know your business best, but most business owners don’t have the time it takes to post on 6 different social media outlets twice a week. Let the H4 Agency social media gurus write and post unique content for your business.

New Marketing Plans

New Business Marketing Plans:

If you are just opening your doors or your building is still under construction, it’s never to early to think marketing. H4 Agency will develop a marketing plan specifically designed for brand new businesses, including how to determine a marketing budget, the marketing foundation needed before jumping into media and a long term media outline that coincides with your business plan. This plan also includes education on the different advertising mediums pertaining to your customer base.

media research

Media Research and Market:

When looking to open a business, expand or rebrand, media and market research is an integral part in finding out the landscape of your DMA. H4 Agency has access to and prepares in depth market research to assist you with creating your business plan. Demographics based on age, financials, psychographics, DMA competing businesses, radius of HH’s, and further quantitative data is compiled into presentations for your planning purposes. Reports are based upon your needs and vary from client to client.

creative assistance

Award Winning Production and Creative Assistance:

Production is the most important part of your marketing campaign. Your message must be clear, high quality and evoke emotion from your audience. Emotion is what moves consumers to your product or service. Marketing is not how many times your message plays, it’s the impression your message makes. When getting into the world of production, H4 Agency will bring in the producer best suited to you and your business to discuss creative ideas. Production outlines will show the process and all that’s involved.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design of Print and Digital Material:

H4 Agency employs an award winning design team who will create brochures, rack cards, business cards, digital display ads and any print collateral your business needs. From layout to design to printing, we have it covered.

Project Management

Project Management:

Sometimes businesses need help coordinating large marketing projects that are being launched internally or externally. Using a seasoned project manager that employs timely follow up and stays on point is crucial to pulling off a large campaign. If your marketing people are developing and creating the campaign, but are struggling with how to go about implementing it, H4 Agency is available for a project or hourly fee to set up the timeline, make sure all deadlines are met and continue with follow up to ensure everything is going smoothly. Think of building a home without a general contractor. It doesn’t come together. A major project without a project manager will never get  implemented correctly.

Media Placement

Media Placement:

If your business already has creative and media strategy done and needs someone to place the media and handle the million calls from sales reps, H4 offers media placement. We can make all the contacts and calls to get your media schedules placed and save you several hours of talking with sales representatives from all the media outlets. Media placement is like the duty of a waiter in a restaurant. You tell H4 Agency what you want to order and we take care of the rest.

Web Design

Web Design and Implementation:

After getting a logo done, the website is the next step in a successful marketing campaign. Your businesses website is the strongest sales person you’ll employ. Having a low quality or non functioning website that doesn’t service your clients needs or your business needs is detrimental to your bottom line. Websites need to be updated every 3 or 4 years to stay current with technology as well. H4 Agency houses a full service web site design and website build team with over 15 years experience. We handle everything from building a new site, redesigning an old site, updating a current site, e-commerce sites, website maintenance, and security issues. Our sites are built with Word Press and are customized specifically to your needs.

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