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The Challenge

Ryan came to H4 looking for overall marketing strategy and planning. In his first year as a Realtor Ryan had succumbed to the “black hole of marketing” and was looking for guidance on how to get out of that hole.

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Our Solution

In the competitive industry of Realtors, H4 determined Ryan needed to set himself apart by creating his own brand under the Platinum Group umbrella. Ryan was very specific and cautious about how he wanted to be represented. H4 did a comprehensive, 12 month marketing plan that began with a logo and website. The importance of a well-connected, user friendly website was top on the list. After developing a fully integrated and custom website, H4 employed SEO and social media plans to push out the new website and logo. Since the Real Estate business relies heavily on networking and personal connections, H4 created custom production that highlighted Ryan as an individual verses pushing how quickly he can sell a home. A series of :30’s and :15’s aired on network, cable, digital targeting and geo fencing avenues. The cross promotion of using SEO, Social, TV and Digital has created a very strong and compelling message to consumers.

The Results

In his first year as a Realtor, Ryan is in the top 250 realtors out of over 3000. Ryan is also represented in a positive way that maintains his integrity and honesty.

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