Heart of Steamboat United Methodist Church

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The Challenge

The leadership of the United Methodist Church in Steamboat Springs wanted to bring a new look and more of a community feel by changing their name to Heart of Steamboat United Methodist Church.  With the name change, the leadership requested a new branding campaign that encompassed the goal of making the church the center of the community.  Heart of Steamboat was born.  H4 was tasked with designing a logo for the church that represented the Steamboat Community and the Methodist Church as a whole.

The Results

The result has been a positive reaction from the congregation of the church and the community as a whole.  By using the new logo on all church correspondence within and outside the church, the community of Steamboat has recognized the name change with positivity.  As a community facility, as well as a church building, Heart of Steamboat United Methodist Church is able to provide and launch new outreach programs the leadership has planned for now and the future.

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