Independent Pharmacies

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The Challenge

A group of local, independent pharmacies reached out to H4 for assistance in marketing to their rural towns and gaining clientele who typically would drive over an hour to a major box store. Each pharmacy is different and the locations span over several hundred miles, but the advertising dollars were combined with their pharmacy group. The rural areas also increased the obstacle of finding enough population to serves ads to.

Our Solution

H4 Agency launched a social media and audience targeting, following the current HIPPA guidelines, as well as incorporating an OTT campaign focusing on each geographical location. H4 created multiple creative messages using rotating shop local, save local campaigns based on the quarterly offerings each pharmacy wanted to promote. The creative also focused on using “the hometown team” to receive one on one and professional service. This campaign currently runs under the one umbrella of the pharmacy group. Each location receives individual geographical targeting with users being directed back to a landing page designed specifically for the pharmacy group.

The Results

The pharmacy group has seen increased profits, community awareness and involvement, and a strong ROI due to gaining additional family and younger demographics. The ability to change the creative and reflect what is going on in the rural areas has brought a local connection and tie to residents.

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