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The Challenge

Colorado Laser Dentistry had an outdated website that was over 10 years old. The website had not been maintained, wasn’t a responsive website (mobile friendly) and didn’t represent the changes in technology this client had made within his business. Also, Colorado Laser Dentistry had never done any type of marketing campaign and had no professional logo or marketing material. Colorado Laser Dentistry’s target audience is Women 25-54 and families with children ages 0-16.

Our Solution

H4 created a strategic marketing plan that involved rebranding Colorado Laser Dentistry’s business. A new logo, website, in-office marketing materials, digital targeting and an SEO strategy were put into place. A new logo and website were the first steps for Colorado Laser Dentistry. Those pieces were the foundation for the rest of the  marketing campaign and took 2 months to launch. Since Colorado Laser Dentistry’s target demographic is Women 25-54 and in Colorado Laser Dentistry’s DMA, that demographic spends 5+ hours per day with their mobile device, H4 implemented a digital targeting campaign where geo-fencing and mobile devices were involved. Strategic SEO was also implemented along with the digital targeting. This campaign has been running for 6 months.

The Results


The new website has attributed for a 75% increase in Colorado Laser Dentistry’s business.


The SEO and digital targeting has attributed for an additional 71% increase in Colorado Laser Dentistry’s business.


Overall the eighth month campaign H4 implemented increased Colorado Laser Dentistry’s business by 146%.

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